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Common Hoverfly Nodding Greenhood (Pterostylis nutans) Morchella Elata

Sightings of birds, plants or other animals of interest - these are reports presented at our monthly meetings.

Month Species Details Reported by
February 2020 Buff-banded Rail, Black Swan, Wedge-tailed Eagle, Whie-bellied Sea Eagle On a trip to the Werribee Treatment Plant, a member had a good day with highlights being 2 Buff-baneded Rails, approx. 3,000 Black Swans at the beach, and a Wedge-tailed Eagle and a White-bellied Sea Eagle on adjacent trees. GF
Microbats A member's daughter who lives near Wodonga, had heard scratching in the walls of her house, and saw over 100 microbats coming out of a hole at dusk. Another member reported having a microbat inside the house at Sandy Point. GF, SS
Eastern Tiger Snake A member saw a Tiger Snake reared up and ready to strike while cycling along Fitzsimmons Lane. KM
Eastern Bristlebird A number of Eastern Bristlebirds have been rescued near Mallacoota and taken to the Melbourne Zoo for temporary housing after the summer fires which have devastated their habitat. AC
Grey-headed Flying Fox Members living in Wantirna have seen flying foxes in the tree in front of their house every night recently. They are very noisy. AR
White-throated Needletails White-throated Needletails were seen by a member on several occasions in Warranwood. They were circling around in the sky an hour before sunset on warm nights as storm fronts were approaching from the north. JA
December 2019 Satin Bowerbird A member saw a Satin Bowerbird in their garden in Park Orchards. It was chasing a Pied Currawong. RN
Yea Wetlands Yea Wetlands is a popular spot for the Club and is in great condition at the moment with a lot of water in the lagoons and a lot of birdlife. HV
Rufous Fantail A Rufous Fantail was seen at Pound Bend in Warrandyte. H & AV
November 2019 White-throated Gerygone, White-winged Triller A White-throated Gerygone was sighted on Phillip Island, which is very unusual. A male White-winged Triller was seen in a member's garden at Park Orchards, which is less unusual. H & AV
Eastern Grey Kangaroo A member saw an Eastern Grey Kangaroo hopping up Weeden Drive in Vermont South, heading west towards Springvale Road. It is hard to say where it could have come from, as it was badly lost. ED
Purple Diuris orchids, Large Duck Orchid Langwarrin is well-known for Purple Diuris (Diuris punctata) and a member observed that the grassland there was very flattened, indicating a lot of people going to see them. A single Large Duck Orchid (Caleana major) was also seen and the Sun Orchids had been pollinated. AR
Anglesea Orchids On our Spring weekend away to Anglesea, we saw 37 species or orchids over the 3 days, though not all were in flower and the sun orchids were not open. JA
Tawny Frogmouth A member saw a parent Tawny Frogmouth and two chicks in Maranoa Gardens. NZ
October 2019 Pied Honeyeater, Red-backed Kingfisher While visting Mungo National Park, a member saw a Pied Honeyeater and a Red-backed Kingfisher, along with many other bush birds. The Darling River has virtually no water in it - just a few muddy pools. AK
White-winged Triller White-winged Trillers were seen on a nature strip in Horsham in a suburban area. PR
Eastern Banjo Frog, Brown Tree Frog, Striped Marsh Frog A member in Warranwood found an Eastern Banjo Frog (Pobblebonk) (Limnodynastes dumerilii) in a Telstra pit, lots of Brown Tree Frogs (Litoria ewingii) calling around a wetland and a recorded a Striped Marsh Frog (Limnodynastes peronii) also calling at the wetland - the first recording of this frog species here. JA
Buff-banded Rail A member's nephew had a Buff-banded Rail in his back yard in Craigieburn. GF
September 2019 Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo, Chestnut Teal, Grey Teal A member had three Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos in their garden - two adults and a juvenile. He also reported a Chestnut Teal pair on a wetland, which is a rare sighting there, as well as a Grey Teal pair. JA
August 2019 Platypus A Platypus was seen swimming in the Yarra River at Templestowe. KM
Powerful Owl Shepherds Bush has a resident Powerful Owl, which a member was able to see after a couple of attempts. SS
Hovea flowers, Greenhoods Tindals Reserve has lots of Hoveas flowering at the moment, and there are also Nodding Greenhoods and a few Tall Greenhoods. HV
Nodding Greenhoods Blackburn Lake has large numbers of Nodding Greenhoods in patches around the lake. KM
July 2019 Fungi Fungi season is in full swing with reports of many species in the Mullum Mullum Valley and Antonio Park. CF
Spotted Pardalotes Spotted Pardalotes are trying to build a nest in a hanging basket in a member's garden. A few other member's reported seeing nesting behaviour in the wild as well. DR
June 2019 Sulphur-crested Cockatoo Some interesting behaviour from a flock of 30 SCCs - while flying along, they appeared to fly in a full circle to wait for a second flock of 30-40 SCCs to catch up. All the birds then continued in the original course together. DR
Eastern Spinebill Eastern Spinebill are regularly visting a member's garden in Wantirna. GE
Australasian Grebe A single Australasian Grebe has been seen on a dam behind a member's house for a few months. Last Saturday, another Grebe arrived, and they chased each other all day. By Sunday, all was resolved and they were sitting side by side on the water. JA
Little Corella Several hundred Little Corellas have been seen hanging around Terrara Park in Vermont South, feeding on the grass over the last couple of weeks. Large flocks have also been reported in grassy parks in Wantirna and Heathmont. ED, PR
May 2019 Flame Robin A male Flame Robin was seen sitting on a wire fence beside Heatherdale Railway Station early one morning on the way to work (our member, not the robin). JA
Crested Shrike-tit Several birds seen at the Nagambie Caravan Park. PR
Autumn wildflowers The last time the Club went to Nagambie (May 2010), there had been rain in January, so there were a lot of flowers. The area this time had been very dry until only the day before we visited which was reflected in the lack of flowers seen on the camp-out. AR
April 2019 Spotted Harrier, Eastern Grey Kangaroos Some members visiting the Grampians had a very good sighting of a Spotted Harrier by the side of the road. They also noted great numbers of Kangaroos in and around Halls Gap. GF
Grey Shrike-thrush A Grey Shrike-thrush was seen in a member's garden in Park Orchards - the first time recorded. RN
Eastern Spinebill Eastern Spinebills have been seen in a member's garden in Wantirna - the first time in many years. LP
March 2019 Wedge-tailed Eagles 2-3 Wedge-tailed Eagles were seen by a member soaring over Heathmont recently. JG
Screeching Tree Frogs Screeching Tree Frogs have arrived on Lord Howe Island, probably travelling in with a delivery of fruit or vegetables. The resident naturalist is concerned they may eat the local beetles. HV
Spotless Crake, Black-fronted Dotterel A Spotless Crake and a family of three Black-fronted Dotterels (parents and one juvenile) were seen opposite the bird hide by the water in Bushy Park. ED
Gang-gang Cockatoo A flock of seven Gang Gangs were seen in a member's garden in Wantirna. AR
February 2019 Sulphur-crested Cockatoos, White-throated Needletails A large flock of around 30-40 Sulphur-crested Cockatoos have been frequenting Yanggai Barring in Warranwood since January. Ten to fifteen White-throated Needletails were seen flying over the South Warrandyte cricket oval in Colman Reserve at approx. 8pm one evening. JA
Purple-crowned Lorikeets Purple-crowned Lorikeets were seen on Phillip Island, which is not a common sighting. H & AV
White-winged Choughs A group of White-winged Choughs were seen having a dust bath at the side of Colman Road in Warranwood. PB
December 2018 & January 2019 Tall Potato Orchid, Cinnamon Bells orchid, Brush Cockoo, Bird's Nest Fungi Tall Potato Orchids (Gastrodia procera) and Cinnamon Bells orchids (Gastrodia sesamoides) have been common along roadsides in the Dandenongs over Chrismas and New Year's, with good patches at Karwarra Gardens and O'Donahue's Picnic Ground. A Brush Cuckoo was heard at Karwarra Gardens and a patch of Bird's Nest Fungi was on the path near the toilet block. JA
Collared Sparrowhawk, Brolga A Collared Sparrowhawk is nesting in the Ventnor Common on Phillip Island. There are chicks in the nest. A Brolga and chick was seen on a visit to the WTP. H & AV
Yellow Wagtail A Yellow Wagtail has been sighted at the Balbirooroo Wetlands in Balnarring, a very uncommon visitor to Melbourne. DR
White-bellied Sea-eagle An immature White-bellied Sea-Eagle has taken up residence in Jell Park on the main lake. The usual host of Australian White Ibis have moved elsewhere, while Royal Spoonbills and Australasian Darters are still present. ED & SS
Hardhead, Royal Spoonbill, Australian White Ibis On a visit to the Yea Wetlands, a member saw a Hardhead, a Royal Spoonbill and several Australian White Ibis. NZ
Rosy Hyacinth Orchid Rosy Hyacinth Orchids (Dipodium roseum) are flowering well in the Monterey Bush Park in North Ringwood with 15-20 seen recently. LS
Australian Wood Duck, Hardheads, Eastern Koel A family of Australian Wood Ducks have taken up residence at Yanggai Barring in Warranwood, raising 5 ducklings to adulthood. There are also 2 Hardheads on the lake, which are uncommon visitors. And an Eastern Koel was calling at Christmas. JA
Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Hooded Plovers There were several Eastern Grey Kangaroos seen in the 100 Acres during a recent walk. The Hooded Plovers on Ventnor beach at Phillip Island have moved to the off-lead section of the beach (the only one on the island). There are three tiny chicks so it is hoped they survive. The area is fenced off. HV
Victorian Christmas Bush, Alpine Shaggy Pea Several members had a trip up Mt Donna Buang to see the Potato Orchids but didn't see many. They did see Victorian Christmas Bush (Prostanthera lasianthos) which had so much flower on it there was no foliage showing and at the top of the mountain they saw Podolobium alpestre (Alpine Shaggy Pea). AR
November 2018 Sugar Gliders A Sugar Glider was found at the base of a gum tree while working in the FJC Rogers Reserve and taken to a wildlife carer who will support it and then release it back into the same area. Another member added that they had previously found a sugar glider that was in a weak state because there had been a storm overnight. Heavy, overnight storms can prevent sugar gliders from feeding. With support, then can recover quite rapidly. PR, HV
Balnarring and Coolart wetlands There are very few birds at all at Balnarring at the moment and a visit to Coolart revealed little water in the lagoon and all other parts of the wetlands completely dry. ED
Native orchids A member did a trip to the Grampians and Anglesea looking for orchids. It was very dry in the surrounding areas, however the Grampians were quite good for flowers. Anglesea had a wide variety of orchid species, but not a large number of individual flowers. JA
Satin Flycatcher, Brown Goshawk A Satin Flycatcher has been seen in the 100 Acres. There are a pair of Brown Goshawks there also. HV
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo A flock of 50 to 60 Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoos was seen on Phillip Island, though they are not usually seen there at this time of year. HV
October 2018 Scarlet Honeyeater Scarlet Honeyeater has been seen in Park orchards earlier in the week. HV
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos 40 Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos were seen in Albert Park flying along St Kilda Road in the afternoon. NS
Red Wattlebird A Red Wattlebird is nesting in a member's garden in Park Orchards. HV
Bird of Prey A member reported a lot of noise from Noisy Miners at their front door and when investigated found a brown bird of prey which had caught a pigeon and had landed at front door. The raptor took flight and the pigeon escaped, however the BOP stayed around in near by tree. All the local birds were by now giving their warning calls! LS
Pied Currawong There have been large flocks of Pied Currawongs in Warranwood this week, showcasing their range of calls. JA
September 2018 Native Orchids Members have been looking for orchids in various local places including Antonio Park, Mullum Mullum and 100 Acres, but they are very hard to find. It has been a very dry year and orchids in general across Victoria are in low numbers. Some areas, like the Warby Ranges and Anglesea, have regular species appearing, however still in relatively low number of flowers. CF, HV, RK
Skirted Tree Ferns A member found a number of Skirted Tree Ferns downstream of the bridge at Sassafras Creek. This may make a good excursion next year. GT
August 2018 Southern Boobook Owl, Rose Robin There were reports that Yarran Dheran in Mitcham had a Boobook Owl roosting there for about a week, which one member went to see and photograph. There were also reports of a Rose Robin but it wasn't seen to be confirmed. CF
Various autumn orchids Various autumn orchid species are in flower at Baluk Willam NCR: Pterostylis concinna (Trim Greenhood), Pterostylis grandiflora (Cobra Greenhood) and Corybas diemenicus (Veined Helmet Orchid). Acianthus caudatus (Mayfly Orchids) were only leaves, not in full flower just yet. JA
Powerful Owl A Powerful Owl was seen in Shepherds Bush with the remains of a brush-tailed possum. KM
July 2018 Little Corella, Sulphur-crested Cockatoo A large flock of around 100 Corellas and Sulphur-crested Cockatoos were seen in Nunawading. Flocks this size are not uncommon in the eastern suburbs around Croydon and Boronia. KM
Humpback Whale Phillip Island has had a good season for whale watching with high numbers of whales passing, reportedly 80+ sightings between Fenruary and June. JA
Azure Kingfisher An Azure Kingfisher was seen on banks of the Yarra River near Templestowe. RH
June 2018 Tiger Snake While getting a closer look at some fungi, a member disturbed a Tiger Snake near a billabong beside the walking and bike path from Shepherds Bush to Jells Park. DR
Cape Barren Geese The population of Cape Barren Geese on Phillip Island is increasing with birds commonly seen standing on the roads to the Nobbies. CF
Australian King Parrot, Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo, Peregrine Falcon Flocks of eight King Parrots and up to 25 Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoos have been seen in Warranwood on several occasions. A Peregrine Falcon has also been seen soaring high overhead. JA
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo Another member commented that they had seen flocks of up to 60 Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoos circling overhead in Park Orchards, with more and more coming past. HV
Common Eastern Froglet A member was working on a local tree planting exercise and reported finding and identifying a Common Eastern Froglet. ST
Superb Lyrebird Superb Lyrebirds were reported by several members, with one seen at the Cathedral Range, a male and female at Woods Point Road and a female building a nest on top of a tree fern in the circuit walk of Grants Picnic Ground. ST, JC, JA
Crested Shrike-tit, Eastern Spinebill A Crested Shrike-tit was seen in Grants Picnic Ground. The member also reported an Eastern Spinebill family with a fledgling now in full plumage in their garden. OHJ
May 2018 Various orchid species A pair of members visited the Anglesea heathland and found several autumn orchids - Corunastylis morrisii (Bearded Midge-orchid), Pterostylis parviflora (Tiny Greenhood) and Corunastylis ciliata (Fringed Midge-orchid). D & SR
Parson's Bands (Eriochilus cucullatus) Parson's Bands orchids were flowering in Boomers Reserve (Panton Hill) in April. JA
Echidna An echidna was seen at Ventnor on Phillip Island trying to hide in a drainage pipe. Echidnas are not uncommon on Phillip Island, often seen at the Nobbies boardwalk. HV
Scarlet Robin, Rose Robin A pair of Scarlet Robins were seen at Tindals Wildflower Reserve by a member in April. A male Rose Robin was seen on the April excursion to Jumping Creek Reserve. JA
April 2018 Giant Spider Crab (Leptomithrax gaimardii) The yearly gatherings of Giant Spider Crabs (Leptomithrax gaimardii) is occurring at beaches on the Mornington Peninsula. A member went snorkeling at Blairgowrie pier and saw thousands of crabs in the shallows. JA
Australian King-Parrot, Gang-gang Cockatoo A member reported King Parrot and a pair of Gang-gang Cockatoos in Nunawading. KM
Pied Currawong, Little Raven, Noisy Miners A member's birdbath in Wantirna was visited by 10 Pied Currawongs, 4 Little Ravens and 5 Noisy Miners. GF
Yellow-tailed Black-cockatoos, Wedge-tailed Eagle 14 Yellow-tailed Black-cockatoos and a Wedge-tailed Eagle flew over a member's home in Ringwood North. Another member reported big numbers of YTBC on a weekend trip to Traralgon. NS, LH
Eastern Spinebill, Grey Fantail A member's garden in Wantirna is hosting Eastern Spinebills, which are calling every day, and also a visiting Grey Fantail. Another member reported a few Grey Fantails at their home in Park Orchards. DR, DH
Varied Sitella, White-throated Treecreeper, Australian King-Parrot Two members had a walk around the Hundred Acres and saw Sitellas, Treecreepers, and King Parrots. It seemed a lot more active than it had for a long time, however, all the dams had totally dried up. HV
March 2018 Green Lacewing, Coprosma Hawk Moth A Green Lacewing (Chrysopidae family) was photographed laying its eggs on a wire fence in Warranwood. A Hippotion scrofa (Coprosma Hawk Moth) was also seen again, with one seen in November last year as well. JA
Wedge-tailed Eagle A Wedge-tailed Eagle was seen flying over the Wantirna Tennis Club. AR
Golden Orb Weaver spiders Hundreds of Golden Orb Weaver spiders were found along the Midland Highway when driving from Shepparton to Winton Wetlands. JA
Crested Shrike-tit A member saw a Crested Shrike-tit foraging on trees in Belgrave. GA
February 2018 Unknown crayfish While walking alongside the Yarra in Warburton, a member observed a very large (20cm) crayfish that had come out of the river. It was black with red elbows. Unfortunately she did not have her camera with her! CF
Web-casting Spider A web-casting spider was seen in Wantirna, on a member's windowsill. PR
European Red Fox, Eastern Barred Bandicoot Phillip Island is now declared fox free, with no sign of any fox presence in over two years. In October 2017, 44 Eastern Barred Bandicoots were released onto the Summerland Peninsula, located at the western tip near the Nobbies. HV
January 2018 Summer Butterflies Members have been observing lots of butterflies over the past month.

Member's Wantirna garden: Common Grass Blue (Zizina labradus); Cabbage White butterfly (Pieris rapae); Common Brown butterfly (Heteronympha Merope); Orange Palm Dart (Cephrenes augiades); Dingy Swallowtail (Papilio anactus); Grapevine Moth (Phalaenoides glycinae).

Another Wantirna garden: Female Orchard Swallowtail.

A Mitcham garden: Dingy Swallowtails in an orange tree.
Jewel beetle species Five or so different species of Jewel Beetles were seen at Langwarrin Flora & Fauna Reserve on the native turnip, which was flowering. CP
Various at Phillip Island Huge numbers of Jewel Spiders (Austracantha minax) across the island. There were three Australian Spotted Crakes a week ago in the local wetlands. Several Sea Hares were found on Ventnor Beach towards Grossard Point, and a Compound Ascidian was found in a rockpool.

A Lowland Copperhead (Austrelaps superbus) was ushered off the road at Ventnor, to avoid being squashed.

There are very high numbers of Cape Barren Geese on the Island. They have been a great conservation success story.
Ogre-faced Netcasting Spider, Grey Teal, Coprosma Hawk Moth An Ogre-faced Netcasting spider (Deinopis subrafa) was found in a garden in Warranwood, making the member's macro photography day! Four Grey Teal ducklings in Yanggai Barring, the first breeding sighting on this lake in 13 years. A Coprosma Hawk Moth (Hippotion scrofa) paid a visit to the same member's workshop. JA
Spiranthes australis, Latham's Snipe Spiranthes australis (Lady's Tresses orchid) and a Latham's Snipe in a local wetland. JA
Little Wattlebird A Little Wattlebird visited a member's garden in Doncaster - the first one for about 10 years. CP
December 2017 Scarlet Honeyeaters Continuing the sightings of Scarlet Honeyeaters, birds were seen in the Mullum Mullum Valley, in Park Orchards, and also at Ventnor on Phillip Island (feeding juvenile birds). CF, HV, RN
Wedge-tailed Eagle A pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles were seen soaring above Canterbury and Dorset Roads, Wantirna. JG
Macaw parrot An escapee Macaw parrot has been seen in Park Orchards. Local birds were seen trying to chase it away. NS
Crested Shrike-tit, Pallid Cuckoo A member saw a Crested Shrike-tit feeding a Pallid Cuckoo chick in Park Orchards. RN
White-faced Heron, Brown Goshawk Chicks for both species, seen previously at Pound Bend, are growing well and will soon be leaving the nest. HV & AV
November 2017 Blue Tongue Lizard A Blue Tongue Lizard visited a member's front yard in Ringwood East. JG
Echidna An Echdna was seen in one of the gun emplacements at Point Nepean, drinking out of a puddle. Another member had to evict an echidna from the family room with gardening gloves in Warranwood. JG, RD
Bell Miner When visiting the Yea wetlands, a member found that there were no Bell Miner present. Bell Miners have been resident at this location for as long as anyone can remember. Interesting to see if this is a temporary departure. DR
Yellow-tailed Skink, Marbled Gecko A member observed the two reptiles at their home. The gecko was quite a surprise. Another member confirmed seeing a gecko at their home in Wantirna. AC, PR
Pied Currawong A member has a family of Pied Currawongs visiting her garden in Wantirna for the last 10 days, noticing less activity from smaller birds since their arrival. A second member in the area has a Pied Currawong nest in their front yard. LH, SS
October 2017 Scarlet Honeyeater A Scarlet Honeyeater was seen in Boomers Reserve near St Andrews. There are widespread reports of Scarlet Honeyeaters in Melbourne this year in much larger numbers than usual, believed to be caused by very dry conditions inland. DR
Scarlet Honeyeater, Mistletoebird A Scarlet Honeyeater has also been seen in a member's garden in Park Orchards, and several birds seen in Currawong Bush Park. A female Mistletoebird gathering cobwebs was also seen in the garden. HV
Channel-billed Cuckoo A Channel-billed Cuckoo was seen on the main road from Berwick to Beaconsfield. This is the 9th year that this migratory species has been reported in this location. AC
Tawny Frogmouth, Gang-gang Cockatoo A Tawny Frogmouth was visiting a member's garden in Wantirna, and Gang-gangs have been seen in the area as well. AR
Peron's Tree Frog A member has heard several Peron's Tree Frogs calling in a retarding basin in Warranwood during the recent warm nights. JA
Native orchids The FJC Rogers Reserve in Heathmont is flowering with 4 different orchid species. JC
September 2017 Cuckoo species, Olive-backed Oriole The spring migrants have arrived back in the Ringwood district with Fan-tailed, Shining Bronze and Horsfield's Bronze Cuckoos being heard and seen, along with Olive-backed Orioles. A & HV, JA
Spring wildflowers Spring wildflowers are blooming in Ringwood and Warrandyte. Recent sighting by members include several Pterostylis species - nutans, melagramma, curta & pedunculata, Diuris pardina & chryseopsis (Golden Moths). Acianthus pusillus (Mosquito Orchids) and a small Spider Orchid (Caladenia parva) have also been seen. Gold-dust Wattle (Acacia acinacea) and Early Nancys (Wurmbea dioica) are both very common in bushland reserves. A & HV, JA
August 2017 Collared Sparrowhawk A Collared Sparrowhawk was seen in a member's garden in Wantirna, causing a ruckus with the local Noisy Miners and Rainbow Lorikeets. Another member believes that the Sparrowhawk is resident in the area and lives in a local park. PR / GF
July 2017 Hooded Plover 9 Hoodies seen on and around rocks near the Penguin Parade on Phillip Island. GF
Little Black Cormorant, Grebe sp., Australian Pelican While travelling in NSW, a member saw a lake near Balranald that had many Grebe sp, huge numbers of Pelicans and at least 1,000 Little Black Cormorants. AR
June 2017 Southern Boobook A Southern Boobook was heard calling outside a member's house in Park Orchards one night. RN
Powerful Owl Seen in Ringwood East, near Wombalano Park. JG
Powerful Owl pair While searching for fungi in the Fourth Hill section of Warrandyte State Park, a pair of Powerful Owls were pointed out to a member by a research student from Deakin University who is tracking the owls and monitoring their behaviour. JA
May 2017 Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo Several flocks of a dozen or more birds seen around Warrandyte. Another member reported flocks of 10+ birds in their garden in Park Orchards. JA / AV
Satin Bowerbird (and bower) Seen at Upper Yarra Reservoir Park. Discovered on the recce and shown to members on the May excursion. JA
Southern Blue-ringed Octopus (Hapalochlaena maculosa) A Blue-ringed Octopus found at Easter in rock-pools on Phillip Island north of Ventnor Beach. JA
April 2017 Albert's Lyrebird, Regent Bowerbird 2 members visited O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat after a landslide which destroyed part of the road. They saw Albert’s Lyrebird and Regent Bowerbird while staying there. LS
Hooded Plovers A recent count of Hooded Plovers on Phillip Island showed 14 young had successfully fledged this year. HV
Little Ravens A member observed interesting behaviour by Little Ravens - dunking red berries into the birdbath. The explanation of the behaviour is still a mystery. HF
Spoonbill sp, Pink-eared Ducks A member reported that Lake Natimuk (near Horsham) had plenty of water in it and lots of birds including Spoonbills and Pink-eared Ducks. AR
Brown Goshawk, Collared Sparrowhawk Two raptor sightings by a member - a Brown Goshawk at Horsham and a Collared Sparrowhawk at Wantirna. PR
March 2017 Wedge-tailed Eagle Two separate reports of Wedge-tailed Eagle sightings in Ringwood East and Wantirna. JG / DR
Turquoise Parrot A member saw two Turquoise Parrots while on holiday near Tamworth. This was the first time they had seen them so it was very exciting! CF
Cape Barren Geese Two Cape Barren Geese were seen near Tyabb on the Mornington Peninsula. They are not common on the mainland. MK
Cape Barren Geese At their stronghold in Phillip Island, the Cape Barren Geese are pairing off for breeding season. Two pairs were seen harrassing an echidna in an open field near Swan Lake. H & AV
Sacred Kingfisher A Sacred Kingfisher was seen in a member's garden after it flew into a window. After a few minutes recovering, the kingfisher flew off. SS
Rainbow Bee-eater Rainbow Bee-eaters have been seen along the Avoca River at St Arnaud. It is the first time in 5 or 6 years that they have been seen there. GF
Tawny Frogmouth, Brown Tree Frog, Peron's Tree Frog A member saw a Tawny Frogmouth in a park in Warranwood, and found a Peron's Tree Frog and a Brown Tree Frog in their garden. JA
Powerful Owl A Powerful Owl has been seen in Ringwood East. JG
February 2017 Hooded Plover A pair of Hooded Plovers with 3 chicks were seen on Ventnor Beach, Phillip Island. After a wild storm only 2 chicks could be re-located. HV
Whimbrel, Eastern Curlew 8 Whimbrels and a couple of Eastern Curlews were seen at Observation Point, Rhyll. RN
White-bellied Sea-eagle A member saw two immature White-bellied Sea-eagles at the WTP, Werribee. HF
Silver Gull A few Silver Gulls were seen at Balnarring - almost the first birds seen there in several months. WD
January 2017 Southern Fiddler Ray, Stingarees, Meridiastra species star fish, Eagle Ray (Myliobatis tenuicaudatus) While snorkeling at Ricketts Point (Beaumaris) and Point Cooke a member observed a variety of marine creatures including Fiddler Rays (RP & PC) Stingarees (RP & PC), numerous Meridiastra species star fish (PC) and an Eagle Ray (Myliobatis tenuicaudatus) (PC). JA
Banded Lapwing, Silver Gull, Crested Tern A single Banded Lapwing was seen at Swan Lake on Phillip Island. It is only the fifth recorded sighting on the Island. Silver Gulls have not nested at all at the Nobbies on Phillip Island. The rangers do not know why not. However the Crested Terns have nested as usual. HV
Tawny Frogmouth A pair of Tawny Frogmouths have nested twice this season at Terrara Park in Vermont South. The parents raised two chicks which have now moved elsewhere in their parents' territory and are now sitting on the nest again. ED
Ducks A member visited the Western Treatment Plant and reported that most of the ducks have returned, apart from Pink-eared Ducks which are still only present in small numbers. Ducks have been largely absent from the WTP for the last few months. RN
Firetailed Cicada, Blue-banded Bee, butterflies Two members visited Murrindindi where they observed a Firetailed Cicada with red bands on its tail and throat. They also observed there have been a lot of Blue-banded bees and butterflies this year. DR & SR
Satin Flycatcher, Rose Robin Two members visited Cathedral Range just before Christmas. They saw Satin Flycatchers, a pair of Kookaburras and a Rose Robin. The area is coming back very well after the fires. HV & AV
Orb-weaver spiders A member reported counting at least 40 occupied orb-weaver spider webs in his garden one evening in early January, including one with a St Andrew's Cross spider. Walking through the garden was quite difficult. Other members confirmed they also had a number of orb-weaver spider webs in their gardens as well. JA
December 2016 Australian Fur Seal A member observed an unusual sighting on Phillip Island of a young seal on Ventnor Beach. It turned around and went back into the water when approached. CF
Musk Lorikeet, Little Lorikeet Flocks of Musk Lorikeets along with 3-4 Little Lorikeets have been frequenting a flowering eucalypt in Warranwood near a member's house. JA
Tawny Frogmouth, Grey-headed Flying Fox A member reported a Tawny Frogmouth perching on the clothesline every night and Flying Foxes eating plums from over their fence in Wantinra. AR
Marbled Frogmouth (possible) Two (possible) Marbled Frogmouths were seen by a member while on holiday at the Bunya Mountains. This location is west of their normal range. LH
Deer species A large deer was seen in Warrandyte. Deer are now known as a common pest in the area. NS
November 2016 Common/Eastern Koel A Common Koel has been heard calling in a member's garden in Park Orchards. RN
2 Cuckoo sp., Olive-backed Oriole, Brown Goshawk There are vast expanses of wildflowers in the 100 Acres Reserve in Park Orchards. Also seen were 2 Cuckoo sp., an Olive-backed Oriole, and a Brown Goshawk on a nest. HV
Tiger snake, Eastern Copperhead snake A member reported seeing a small Tiger snake crossing a path at Langwarrin Flora & Fauna Reserve, and a large Eastern Copperhead on the dirt road beside Boomers Reserve. JA
Caper White butterfly A member holidaying in Noosa observed a Caper White migration of huge numbers of butterflies. Another member confirmed that they had observed this event in Melbourne a couple of years ago. KR (DH)
Australian Magpie A member in Wantirna has a family of Australian Magpies in their backyard. The male bird has a song repertoire of all the birds around the area, plus other sounds. GF
Common Blackbird A member reported seeing a Blackbird nesting on the ground, and another on the bottom horizontal bar of a fence. These seem like odd locations for nests. GE
October 2016 Eastern Rosella A pair of Eastern Rosellas are nesting in a nest box in a member's garden in Park Orchards. The first time this has happened. HV
Red Daddy Long-legs, Grey Grass Tree Seen in the Hard Hills (south of Ballarat) in two fenced off areas, one containing Red Daddy Long-legs orchid (Caladenia filamentosa) and the other containgin Grey Grass Trees (Xanthorrhoea gluaca). GF
Deer sp. A deer was seen in North Ringwood. Deer are now a common problem in Warrandyte along the Yarra River but it's unexpected to see one in North Ringwood. CC
September 2016 Australian Magpie A pair of Magpies have nested in a member's garden in Wantirna. LH
Australian Bustard, Southern Cassowary Two of the highlights from a trip by 4 members along the Savannah Way, from Darwin to Cairns. GF
Short-billed Corella Large flocks of Short-billed Corellas are hanging around the eastern suburbs. A member in Forest Hill saw a flock of about 80 birds. LP
Various Two members travelled to the Flinders Ranges and Kangaroo Island. There was lots of rain, with excellent wildflowers and orchids. Other highlights being Seals, Sea Lions and the Remarkable Rocks on Kangaroo Island. AR
Fan-tailed Cuckoo, Shining Bronze-Cuckoo Fan-tailed Cuckoo at FJC Rogers Reserve, Fourth Hill (Warrandyte), Yarra River (Warrandyte). Shining Bronze Cuckoo at Fourth Hill (Warrandyte). JA
Southern Boobook A Boobook owl heard calling and then seen in flight in Warranwood. JA
August 2016 Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo Large flocks of Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos have been seen on Phillip Island, and Swan Lake now has water in it after recently being completely dry. HV
Collared Sparrowhawk A Sparrowhawk was seen in a member's garden in Wantirna, pursued by half a dozen Noisy Miners. PR
Gang-gang Cockatoo Several Gang-gangs were seen in North Ringwood. AR
July 2016 Little Corella, Little Raven Large flocks of approxiamtely 80 Little Corellas and up to 30 Little Ravens have been seen in the Wantirna area. LP
Eastern Spinebill, Pied Currawong, Crimson Rosella Typical "winter" birds have been seen regularly in Warranwood, with up to 3 Eastern Spinebills seen in a member's garden. JA
June 2016 Satin Bowerbird A "green" Satin Bowerbird (either a female or juvenile) was seen in a member's garden in Park Orchards. DH
Banded Stilt A single Banded Stilt was seen in the wetlands beside Kitty Miller Road on Phillip Island. A rare species on the island. HV
Powerful Owl 2 Powerful Owls were observed at night beside Gold Memorial Road in Warrandyte. They were calling, flying around and one was eating a possum. JA
Common Bronzewing Approx. 12 Common Bronzewing were seen on an oval at Quambee Reserve in North Ringwood. Large flocks of Common Bronzewing were reported at the same location in winter 2015. JA
May 2016 Water Rat, Azure Kingfisher, Australasian Darter Leading a Birdlife outing to Lilydale Lake saw a Water Rat, an Azure Kingisher (twice) and around 20-30 Darters. HV
Australian King Parrot Not uncommon in the area in autumn and winter, usually in pairs or small groups, a flock of 16 birds was seen in Warranwood flying through a bushland reserve. JA
Emu On a trip to Broken Hill saw 50-60 Emu, including young birds, within an 800m stretch. AR
April 2016 Boobook Owl Heard calling one evening in Park Orchards. RN
Gang-gang Cockatoos Reported by members in Wantirna and Warranwood. HF, JA
Painted Button-Quail Seen in the Yangai Barring reserve in Warranwood. There are historical records from Warrandyte State Park which is not far from Warranwood. JA
March 2016 New Holland Honeyeater A flock of 50 NHHEs seen in gardens in Tumby Bay (between Port Lincoln and Port Augusta, SA) by a travelling member. LP
Gang-gang Cockatoos Reported by members in North Ringwood and Wantirna. LS, AR & PR
Hooded Plovers, Australasian Gannet On Phillip Island: Hooded Plovers on Ventnor beach are currently raising their third batch of chicks for the season and Australasian Gannets are nesting on the Nobbies. HV
Musk Lorikeet, Little Lorikeet, Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo, Tawny Frogmouth, White-browed Scrub-wren Observed in Warranwood: high numbers of Musk Lorikeets and small flocks of Little Lorikeets, Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos, a Tawny Frogmouth, and White-browed Scrub-wren in the garden. JA
Eastern Rosella, Crimson Rosella A family of 4 Eastern Rosellas in a member's garden in Wantirna, a Crimson Rosella also seen. LP
February 2016 Orchard Swallowtail butterfly, female Satin Bowerbirds, a native Bush Rat, Lyrebirds In Warburton, a male Orchard Swallowtail using a daily flight path along the river, Bowerbirds quite common and a native Bush Rat seen in the river. At Cement Creek, a number of Lyrebirds seen on a misty morning. CF
Satin Bowerbird, Antechinus, Green Catbird Seen by a member on holiday at Bunya near Brisbane. LH
January 2016 Cattle Egret, Eastern Koel In the week before Christmas at Phillip Island, a lone Cattle Egret was seen in paddocks beside the road from Ventnor to Cowes and an Eastern Koel was heard calling at 9pm near the Ventnor beach car park. JA
Pink Robin, Rufous Fantails A male Pink Robin and a few Rufous Fantails were seen at Marysville before Christmas. HV & AV
Pink Robin A male Pink Robin was seen by two other members, also at Marysville, at a different time. SR & DR
White-bellied Sea-Eagle A juvenile WBSE was seen flying over the Dandenong Valley wetlands. ED
Black-shouldered Kite Seen at the Wantirna Tennis Club, the day before our January meeting. AR
Australian King Parrot 3 King Parrots seen in a member's garden in Park Orchards. DH
Spotted Pardalote Seen in a member's garden on a hot day, accepted a drink out of the member's cupped hand! DR
December 2015 Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog Heard on a wetland in Warranwood. The first time this summer. This species was heard last summer as well, which was the first year it was heard. JA
White-bellied Sea-Eagle Seen flying over Wantirna heading north-east. Perhaps passing through while heading off on holiday? DR
White-faced Heron 2 adults and 4 young seen on a local golf course. Not many members have ever seen young White-faced Herons. SS
November 2015 Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos A very noisy flock of YTBC were seen in Forest Hill, possibly disturbed by council works removing Radiata Pine trees. LP
Tawny Frogmouth A single bird seen perched on a car in a members driveway in Wantirna. HF
Crested Pigeon Comments that Crested Pigeons were once rare in the eastern suburbs but are now very common. BT
Little Black Cormorants, Nankeen Night Heron, Shining Bronze-Cuckoo, Peron's Tree Frog, Eastern Banjo Frog, Little Lorikeet Various observations around a member's home in Warranwood. The Nankeen Night Heron has become a regular summer visitor, usually when the frogs start calling! The Little Lorikeets are rare sightings. JA
October 2015 White-bellied Sea-Eagle Observed flying over a member's house in Park Orchards. HV
Blue and Salmon Sun Orchids, Spider Orchids Seen at Boomers Reserve in Panton Hill. DH
Common Bird Orchid, Wine-lipped Spider Orchid, Bearded Greenhood, Blue Sun Orchid Various orchid sightings from reserves within 30 minutes drive of Ringwood. JA
September 2015 Freckled Duck Seen on the mid-week excursion to Jell Park. DR
Various Orchids Tindalls Reserve in Warrandyte is good for orchids at the moment. HV
August 2015 Golden Whistler, Collared Sparrowhawk Seen in the William Morris Reserve in Bulleen. GF
Sacred Kingfisher Seen at Blind Bight on Western Port. An interesting record for a winter month and in a coastal area. GT
Pied Currawong Quite a number of Pied Currawongs have been seen in the local area in the last few weeks. LP
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo A flock of over 100 Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos was seen near Creswick, flying out of a pine plantation where more birds were still feeding. DR
July 2015 Common Bronzewing 4 Common Bronzewings were seen in Yarran Dheran. They have been seen in large flocks for the past few months through North Ringwood and Park Orchards. CF
White-bellied Sea Eagle Seen at Devilbend Reservoir on the Mornington Peninsula. Sea Eagles are not uncommon around this reservoir and nest in the area. GT
Tawny Frogmouth 2 Tawny Frogmouths have been seen in the Carlton Gardens. They are a very adaptable bird to suburban and modified environments. LN
Freckled Duck 10 Freckled Ducks were seen at Jells Park in Glen Waverley. DR
June 2015 General Fungi Many fungi species have been noted in local reserves - Mullum Mullum Valley & Dexter's Bush. CF, LH
Common Eastern Froglet Heard around a small lake in Warranwood and also heard in other local parks. This is their prime calling period. JA
White-necked Heron, Wedge-tailed Eagles, Cattle Egret Local reports of a White-necked Heron in Nth Ringwood, a pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles in Warrandyte and 70-80 Cattle Egret in paddocks beside Paynes Road in Chirnside Park. JA
May 2015 Regent Honeyeater, Albino Wallaby, White-winged Chough A recent trip by two members to Chiltern to see Regent Honeyeaters was successful. Also seen was an Albino Wallaby, with a normal-coloured pouch young, and large flocks of White-winged Choughs. CF & RF
Common Bronzewing 9 Common Bronzewings seen in a park in Wilkinsons Way, Park Orchards. RN
Superb Parrot A visiting birder reported seeing 25-30 Superb Parrots near Barmah. Visitor
Koala A koala has been seen in a member's garden in Park Orchards. HV
Koala Another member was told of a Koala sighting in another part of Park Orchards. DH
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo, Wood Duck, Crested Pigeon, Common Bronzewing A flock of 25 Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos seen at the old Parkwood High School site. Several species of birds feeding on the rear oval at Quambee Reserve, including Wood Ducks, Crested Pigeons and Common Bronzewings - at least 20 at one time. JA
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo, Australian King Parrot, Gang-gang Cockatoo Species seen in Warranwood in the past few weeks. JA
April 2015 Scarlet Robin A pair of Scarlet Robins were observed in a street in Park Orchards. HV & AV
Hooded Robin, Turquoise Parrot, Diamond Firetail Some of the key species seen in the Warby Ranges, including a sighting of a flock of 18 Diamond Firetails. JA
Gecko sp. A Gecko (unknown species) observed on a front screen door, in Wantirna. JC
March 2015 White-faced Heron, Cape Barren Goose, Brolga, raptor sp. During a productive day at the Western Treatment Plant a member recorded approx. 200 White-faced Herons, 17 Cape Barren Geese, 4 Brolga and 10 raptor species. CP
Eastern Spinebill A member in Wantirna reports that Eastern Spinebills have returned to their garden. A Pied Currawong has also been heard recently. DR
Peregrine Falcon Reported at Phillip Island by two members. HV & AV
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo, Gang-gang Cockatoo Both species reported by a member in their garden in Wantirna. AR
February 2015 Scaly-breasted Lorikeet Reported from Phillip Island in a heavily flowering gum tree. Reports around Melbourne are quite rare. HV & AV
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo A group of birds seen in Wantirna South. Unusual for summer months. LH
Brown Thornbill While a common species, has not been seen in a member's garden (in Doncaster) for quite some time due to increased Noisy Miner activity. CP
Noisy Miner, Common Bronzewing A Common Bronzewing seen in a member's garden in Warranwood. Noisy Miners also present in the area and cause issue with other birds. LS
Sugar Glider, Peron's Tree Frog, Nankeen Night Heron A member reported a Sugar Glider in his Warranwood backyard one night, a Peron's Tree Frog in the front yard and 2 Nankeen Night Herons flying over the house one evening at dusk. JA
Long-billed Corella A flock of approx. 80 Long-billed Corella seen on a football oval in North Ringwood, with a smaller number (20) Galahs. JA
Rufous Bristlebird 2 Rufous Bristlebird were heard calling in the heath above Jan Juc beach at Torquay. JA
January 2015 Eastern (Common) Koel Seen or heard by several members in their gardens in Warranwood and Wantirna. LS, GF, JA
Noisy Miner A member in Forest Hill reported that Noisy Miners had taken over her garden and chased away most other birds. This trend has been reported in the media and also observed by other members. LP
Satin Flycatcher, Superb Fairy-wren Members in Park Orchards had a visit from a Satin Flycatcher. Their local Superb Fairy-wren taps on all their windows throughout the day - it has been doing this since October! HV & AV
Common Tern Large numbers of Common Tern seen at Point Cook on a recent BirdLife outing. This is a reliable spot for this species. HV & AV
Peregrine Falcon, Red-rumped Parrots A Peregrine Falcon was seen over Nepean Highway near Brightons and flocks of Red-rumped Parrots were seen at St. Arnaud. GF
Grey Fantail, Koala Grey Fantails were observed nesting in a member's garden at Flinders. A Koala has also been heard calling there. JC
Tawny Frogmouth One seen at Regency Park Primary School in Wantirna and also at another location. A family of 4 seen in Warranwood - 2 parents with 2 fluffy chicks. DR & JA
Satin Bowerbird, Yellow-faced Honeyeater, Wonga Pigeon, Brown Thornbill, Australian King Parrot Members visiting Bright saw a Satin Bowerbird with bower in a garden, and other species in the area. A drive to Falls Creek found abundant summer flowers while My Hotham was not so good for flowers. AR & PR
Spotted Quail-thrush A group of 4 or 5 Spotted Quail-thrush were seen on an alpine track while driving to Canberra. JD & SD
Albert’s Lyrebird, Glossy Black Cockatoo, Sooty Owl, Marbled Frogmouth, Paradise Riflebird, Noisy Catbird, Regent Bowerbird Two members attended a Bird Week at O'Reilly's in SE Queensland and saw many birds of the area. They highly recommended the event and said they were very well looked after by the guides and staff. CP & JB
White-throated Needletail, Peron's Tree Frog, Grey-headed Flying Fox A Peron's Tree Frog was found on a member's roof and several White-throated Needletails were seen flying over while pruning a tree one evening. Grey-headed Flying Foxes have been visiting the garden - in Warranwood. JA
December 2014 Striated Fieldwren Observed near the jetty at Venus Bay several times while visiting the area on holiday. CF
Tawny Frogmouth 4 Tawny Frogmouths sitting in a tree at Blackburn Lake. CF
Giant Spear Lily (Doryanthes palmeri) Karwarra Gardens in the Dandenongs has a very large specimen that is currently flowering. JG
Spotted Pardalote Nesting in the holes in railways sleepers in a retaining wall in a local garden. Another member has seen one nesting in a golf bunker edge. PD, DH
(Probable) Barn Owl A white owl seen in a residential area in Wantirna. Barn Owl the likely species. LP
Echidna Seen walking along the edge of Stud Road near the Police Paddocks. Not expected in this location. PR
Echidna Crossing the Old Moorooduc Road in Tuerong near the Mornington Peninsula Fwy. JC
Eastern Whipbird Heard calling at Spadoni Reserve. Has been there a few years now according to online reports. JA
Southern Brown Tree Frog (Litoria ewingii) tadpoles Large numbers in a pond in Warranwood Reserve. JA
Brush Cuckoo Heard calling in Jumping Creeek Reserve in Warrandyte State Park. According to online reports has been recorded here the past 3 years. JA
Freckled Duck 12 Freckled Duck at Balbirooroo Wetlands in Balnarring. JA
Southern Boobook Owl Heard calling around midnight in Warranwood - the second record this year after hearing one calling in September. JA
November 12th 2014 Satin Bowerbird (female or juvenile male) Seen in a friend's backyard in Park Orchards. DH
Caper White butterfly Many thousands of butterflies observed in a mass migration near Heathcote. DR
Satin Flycatcher, Fan-tailed Cuckoo From a member living in Park Orchards, a Satin Flycatcher was seen in their garden while a Fan-tailed Cuckoo was heard calling. RN
October 8th 2014 Bassian Thrush Reported by two members, seen in their backyards in Park Orchards. RN, DH
Australian Magpie A Magpie chick from the nest in her garden (reported last month) has hatched and is thriving. LH
Powerful Owl Seen sitting on a member's pergola in Wantirna South - there is a resident pair in Shepherds Bush which is not far. LH
Orchids and reptiles A member went for a walk in Langwarrin Flora & Fauna Reserve and didn't find many orchids but saw a couple of snakes. LH
Bird-dropping Spider Seen in a member's garden in Wantirna. AR
Common Blackbird, Pied Currawong A member has a Blackbird nest in their garden. Observed a Pied Currawong following the Blackbird around the garden which hadn't seen before. Pied Currawongs are notorious nest-raiders. PD
Satin Bowerbirds A member saw two Satin Bowerbirds at Karwarra Gardens. The gardens themselves are looking magnificent. JG
Southern Boobook Heard calling by a member from their backyard in Warranwood. JA
Eastern Grey Kangaroo A kangaroo was seen killed on Wonga Rd, near Oban Rd in North Ringwood. JA
September 10th 2014 Flying Foxes (Grey-headed) Have been seen by members in Forest Hill and Wantirna. HT, LH
Australian Magpie Nesting in a member's garden in Wantirna. LH
Hooded Plover, Humpback Whales Hooded Plovers seen on the beach at Harmers Haven, near Wonthaggi, as well as three Humpback Whales breaching off-shore. BC
Western Grey Kangaroos A member reported that Parks Victoria have found Western Grey Kangaroos in Stawell. They are bigger in the upper body, and are pushing the Eastern Grey Kangaroos further East. GF
August 13th 2014 Superb Fairy-wren (leucistic) Search for and successfully found at the Western Treatment Plant by several members. HV (AV, IN, RN)
Cuckoo sp. Several species heard confirming their Spring return to Melbourne. GF
Spotted Pardalote Seen in Wantirna Mall (suburban shopping precinct). HF
Brown Thornbills Numbers of Brown Thornbills have been seen regularly in the suburbs around Ringwood - seem to be everywhere. JA
White-necked Heron A single bird seen in the same paddock beside Stintons Rd as reported last month. Has been seen several times over the past two months. JA
July 9th 2014 Rose Robin, Red-capped Robin, Scarlet Robin Species seen at Woodlands Historic Park during the BirdLife Beginner's outing in June. This park is a hotspot for Robins. HV
Wedge-tailed Eagle A pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles were seen in Wantirna. HF
Wedge-tailed Eagle A Wedge-tailed Eagle was seen flying over a member's house in Croydon Hills, being mobbed by a large number of birds. BT
White-necked Heron A White-necked Heron was seen in a paddock beside Stintons Rd in Park Orchards. JA
Australian Owlet-nightjar An Australian Owlet-nightjar was heard calling one evening in Warrandyte State Park in the Fourth Hill section. JA
June 11th 2014 Australian King-Parrot Seem to be more common than usual and in greater numbers in the suburbs. BT
Australian Magpie, Magpie Lark On a recent trip a member didn't see any Magpies in the Northern Territory, yet there were plenty of Magpie Larks. DH
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo Two birds seen in Wantirna, where they are not common, but more so in Winter. HF
Glossy Ibis A member saw one bird amongst a flock of Purple Swamphen at the Western Treatment Plant. RN
Red-kneed Dotterel A member saw a flock of Red-kneed Dotterel beside a dam in the Yarra Valley. Not a common bird in this area. GT
May 14th 2014 Powerful Owl The semi-resident Powerful Owl is back in the 100 Acres Reserve in Park Orchards. HV
Brown Falcon Seen at Lake Mountain while doing a recce for the SEANA camp-out. A rare species at this location. PR
Fly Agarics A member found a house lawn in Croydon covered in Fly Agarics. PD
Grey Fantail Observed in a member's garden in Wantirna, an unusual sighting for the area. AR
Golden Whistler A female bird seen in a member's garden in Warranwood. JA
Brushtail Possum A member observed a Brushtail Possum with two young in her garden – the first time she has seen a Brushtail with more than one baby. LH
April 9th 2014 Australian Little Bittern (Black-backed Bittern) Seen at Karkarook Park (Warrigal Rd, Heatherton). This species is a regular Autumn/Winter visitor to this location and causes quite a stir in the Melbourne birding community when it arrives. Details can be found on the Victorian Birdline website (Link) JA
European Wasps European Wasps have been absent in some local areas but confirmed nesting in other areas. There doesn't seem to be many though. BT/PR
Bassian Thrush Seen by a member at Flinders. Interestingly when the bird flew close to the member it did not make any sound, much like a Tawny Frogmouth. GF
Scarlet Robin A pair of Scarlet Robins have taken up residence in a Park Orchards street. It's also reported that the 100 Acres reserve in Park Orchards seems to have lost much of its birdlife at the moment. HV
Eastern Rosella Observed in a member's garden in Wantirna. Visits coincide with longer grass on the lawn - when the lawn is short it is preferred by Magpies. PR
Eastern & Crimson Rosella Both species of Rosella have been visiting a member's garden for the last few weeks, probably due to the prolonged summer dry spell. LP
March 12th 2014 Smooth Toadfish Unusually large shoals of fish observed in rock pools on Phillip Island by two members. Another member reported seeing Toadfish in rock pools on Somers beach on the same day. HV/JA
Nankeen (Rufous) Night-Heron Observed in a member's garden in Warranwood. Likely the same bird observed last month. It has been seen several times over the past 4 weeks. JA
5 species of Robins Two members visited Toolangi State Forest and reported seeing 5 Robin species - Pink, Rose, Eastern Yellow, Flame and Scarlet. DR
February 12th 2014 Australian King-Parrot, Olive-backed Oriole, Nankeen Night-Heron Birds seen in the past month in a member's garden in Warranwood. JA
House Sparrow (nest) Observed on the Pt Cook outing, the nest built underneath a Little Raven nest in Sugar Gums. GF
Tiger Snake/Blue-tongue Lizard In a member's garden in Park Orchards, a Tiger Snake being chased by a Blue-tongue Lizard. HV
Common Bronzewing Seen in a member's garden in North Ringwood, an uncommon sighting. JC
Grey-headed Flying Fox Reported eating the nectarines in a member's local garden. LH
January 8th 2014 Powerful Owl An adult Powerful Owl with young seen in the Stoney Creek Rd area, North Warrandyte. MK
Flame Robin Seen at Mount Lofty in Wonga Park. RN
Collared Sparrowhawk Seen at Currawong Bush Park on the recce for the outdoor meeting. PR
Collared Sparrowhawk Soaring over a member's house in Warranwood, being chased by the resident Welcome Swallows. JA
Blue-banded Bee Several seen in a member's garden in Wantirna. AR
Australian King Parrot Seen at Flinders. JC
Fiddler Beetle Found in a member's bird bath. Presumed dead, it was placed into a jar, from which it mysteriously disappeared... PD
December 11th 2013 Peron's Tree Frog Several heard calling from a small lake in Warranwood. Regular summer visitors for the past 3 years. JA
November 13th 2013 Eastern Grey Kangaroo A kangaroo seen at Dixon's Creek had unusual colouring - its lower half was white! BT
Eastern Koel Seen at the Melbourne Botanic Garden, which is a regular annual spot for this species. RN
Short-tailed Shearwater Hundreds of Short-tailed Shearwaters have been washing up on Melbourne beaches the past few weeks suffering from starvation during their annual Southward migration. JA
Dollarbird, Little & Noisy Friarbird Seen around Echuca. PR
Regent Parrot, Splendid Fairy-Wren Seen at Lake Hindmarsh. PR
Brolga Several birds seen in wet paddocks near Ballarat. AR
Pied Currawong Observed helping themselves to a member's fruit trees in her garden, Wantirna. HF
October 9th 2013 Rufous Whistler There seem to be greater numbers of Rufous Whistlers around the area than usual for this time of year. HV
Bird Orchids A large cluster seen at Baluk Willam Reserve. LH
Scarlet Honeyeater, Channel-billed Cuckoo A Scarlet Honeyeater has been reported at the Cranbourne Botanic Gardens and Channel-billed Cuckoo in Berwick. These two summer migrants have been regular over the past few years in these locations. JA
September 11th 2013 Plumed Whistling-Duck Observed approx. 50 Plumed Whistling-Ducks on an island in the lakes near Yarrawonga. This sepcies is migratory into Victoria but now appears to remain in North Victoria year-round. PR
August 14th 2013 Australian King-Parrot, Common Bronzewing Seen in a member's garden in Park Orchards. DH
Wedge-tailed Eagle Seen at Koomba Park, Wantirna. HF
Wedge-tailed Eagle Soaring overhead in Warrandyte. JA
Brown Goshawk Being chased by a Pied Currawong at McAlpin Reserve on Wonga Road, Nth Ringwood. JA
Gang-Gang Cockatoo 2 seen in Warranwood - they have been infrequent visitors this winter. SD
Crested Pigeon Seen in Wantirna. DR
Crested Pigeon, Common Bronzewing Seen in a member's backyard in Wantirna. GF
Crested Pigeon, Corella sp. Seen in Terrara Park, Vermont South. WD
Crested Pigeon, Australian Wood Duck, Pied Currawong These species are common sightings in the Eastern suburbs around Wantirna these days. PR
Powerful Owl Has been seen previously in Terrara Park, Vermont South, with prey. Likely resident in the park/area. YC
July 10th 2013 Humpback whales Observed at Phillip Island, probably mother and calf, doing tail slaps and water spouts. H&AV
Northern Shoveler The Northern Shoveler reported last month is still showing well at the WTP. S&JD, JA
Robins (5 species) 5 different Robin species (E. Yellow, Scarlet, Rose, Red-capped, Flame) were seen at Woodlands Park on a BirdLife Australia Beginners' outing. H&AV
Grey Goshawk, Black-shouldered Kite Seen at the Otway's on a Rogers/King family trip. A&PR, MK, RK
June 12th 2013 Rose Robin Observed at Pound Bend in Warrandyte. HV
Northern Shoveler & Australasian Bittern There is a single Northern Shoveler at the Western Treatment Plant. A Bittern flew in front of the car as well. HV
Azure Kingfisher Seen at Tahbilk Wetlands near Nagambie, with a total of 62 species. GF
Rose Robin Seen at Chiltern, but no Regent Honeyeaters seen. AR
May 8th 2013 Powerful Owl & Scarlet Robin Observed in the 100 Acres Reserve in Park Orchards. RN
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo A flock of approx. 200 birds seen at Clarkesdale. RN
Azure Kingfisher Seen at Yea Wetlands. GF
Superb Fairy-wren Further to last month's report, about 6 Superb Fairy-wrens were observed in the member's Park Orchards garden. DH
April 10th 2013 Superb Fairy-wren & Grey Shrike-thrush Observed in member's Park Orchards garden, the SFW returning after several years being absent. DH
Gang Gang Cockatoo A group of about 6 birds seen the last two weekends in Warranwood. JA
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo Observed near member's home in Wantirna. HF
Brown Thornbill Seen at member's home in Warranwood, not seen in the previous 10 years. S&JD
Brolga 30 observed near Grafton NSW while on holiday. LS
White-winged Chough A flock of approx. 80 birds seen near Wedderburn after Easter. AW
Eurasian Coot & Pink-eared Duck 5000 Eurasian Coot and 2500 Pink-eared Duck seen on Lake Learmonth during a trip to Horsham after Easter. A&PR
March 13th 2013 Square-tailed Kite Observed in Warranwood several times over past week. Very unusual and rare bird in this area. SD
Osprey Saw an Osprey at Point Nepean. They are very rare in Victoria. JA
Peron's Tree Frog Found in a watering can on a member's back deck in Warranwood. JA
Red Wattlebirds No Red Wattlebirds in her garden for 3 weeks, never happened before and Noisy Miners have moved in. HV
Cockatiel Calling in his backyard, an escapee from neighbour's aviary. PR