". . . to further the study of Natural History in all its branches"

Large Duck Orchid Tawny Frogmouth Meadow Argus

Ringwood Field Naturalists Club, RFNC
In today's world Field Naturalists come from all walks of life - women, men, city, country, retired and working. They share a common thread - an interest in Natural History. Some found this connection early in life, others discovering it later in life as adults or when they "had time".

By definition, a Field Naturalist is a person who specializes in Natural History, especially in the study of plants and animals in their natural surroundings. They may have studied formally or, more often seen, have an informal amateur or hobby interest. Their interest may be very broad, covering several areas, or be very specific, for example a birdwatcher. The most significant aspect of being a Field Naturalist is that it involves practical field study, rather than just scientific study - Field Naturalists prefer to get out into nature!

Aside from their interest in nature, Field Naturalists often combine other skills into their activities and enjoyment. This could include microscopy, map-reading, bush-walking, sketching, spot-lighting and especially photography, which is extremely popular and easily accessible today with digital cameras.

The Ringwood Field Naturalists Club is fundamentally about getting together with others and sharing our interest in Australian Natural History. The Club provides a friendly environment for meeting other Field Naturalists and getting out and enjoying nature.