". . . to further the study of Natural History in all its branches"

Cruiser Red-capped Gum Spotted Sun Orchid

The Ringwood Field Naturalists Club was founded in 1961 with the inaugural meeting held on the 20th of September. Chaired by Jack Hyett, there were 32 members present and Marc Gottsch, a bird-watcher and naturalist later involved in the formation of the Friends of Sherbrooke Forest, gave a talk on birds and showed slides.

The first office bearers and committee were appointed:
  • President - Mr J. Hyett
  • Vice President - Mr L. Sebire
  • Secretary - Mr F. Flentje
  • Treasurer - Mr W. King
  • Committee members - Mrs E. Moore, Mr F. Rogers
Before the meeting was over, decisions had been made that had:
  1. Fixed subscriptions at £1-0-0 adults 5/- students
  2. Arranged further meetings at the North Ringwood Methodist Hall
  3. Arranged our first excursion to Henley Road
(A full Club history is curretly in development.)

Honourary Life Members

The Club recognises members who exemplify what could be considered the best qualities of a Ringwood Field Naturalist by awarding an Honourary Life Membership. Those qualities include:
  • Commitment to the Club over a long period of time;
  • Dedication to the study or knowledge of Australian Natural History, and the passing on of that knowledge to other members;
  • Contribution to the Club's success - not only participating in Club activities, but showing initiative and leadership to make the Club a great place;
  • Representation of the Naturalist spirit, within the Club, and in the wider community, both among other Field Naturalists and the general public.
Honourary Life Members (year awarded):

Jack Hyett1971Marion King1998Alison Rogers2014
Bill King1971Doug Thomas1999Peter Rogers2014
Fred Rogers1975Ella Thomas2007Hazel Veevers2016
Gordon Coutts1975Phil Daniell2007Alan Veevers2016
Bruce Fuhrer1978Judith Cooke2007Ray Wall2019
Christine Gray1978Cecily Falkingham2014

Photo Gallery

Nowadays photography, whether using a simple point-and-shoot camera or a full-frame DLSR with a telephoto lens, is much more accessible than it was in the past. Lots of our members take great joy in their photography and the Club encourages all members to share their photographs at our Monthly Meetings.

Thankfully photography has been popular with our members even from the very early days of the Club and we've been able to assemble a collection of photos from the 1960's right through to present times that shows our members doing what they do best - enjoying nature!

To access the online galleries, click on the following links: